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Round Perforated Mesh


Round Holes are the most popular shape and give you the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet size options. Holes are in staggered row (most popular) or straight row patterns. 

Round Holes are available in flat sheets (most popular) but also include the indented display panel option and perforations in plastic, aptly named.


1. Highest percentages of open areas

2. Variety of gauges and materials

3. Diversity of patterns

4. High strength-to-weight ratio

5. Economical

6. Versatility

7. Aesthetic appeal

8. Ventilation of air, light, sound, gases

9. Screening of fluids

10. Pressure equalization or control

11. Safety and security

12. Ease of fabrication

Round Perforated2 Round Perforated4 Round Perforated5Round Perforated7 Round Perforated6 Round Perforated8

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