Fiberglass Window Screen


Vancouver Stock

High Quality Fiberglass Window Screen



Vancouver Stock

High Quality Fiberglass Window Screen

17X15mesh 2.5’X50′ BLACK
17X15 Mesh 3’X500′ BLACK
17X15mesh 3’X50′ BLACK
17X15mesh 3’X100′ CHARCOAL
17X15mesh 3’X500′ CHARCOAL
20mesh 6’X200′ BLACK
20mesh 6’X200′ PP+PE Grey

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  • Features:High flame retardancy; fireproof performance of international standard;Fiber content of international standard without hazardous substances such as lead, mercury or chromium;High strength, excellent tensility without any deformation;Excellent tensile and resilience performance;Elaborate craftsmanship, loose-thread-free tailor work.Excellent light-admitting quality and good ventilation; anti-corrosive and easy to clean.Specifications:
    Mesh Count 20×20 mesh, 20×18 mesh, 19×19 mesh, 18×18 mesh, 18×16 mesh,

    18×14 mesh, 16×16 mesh, 16×14 mesh

    Width 10 in. ~ 84 in.
    Length 4 ft. ~ 500 ft.
    Weight 0.18 lb ~ 0.57 lb / 10 sq ft.
    Wire Dia 24 ga  25 ga  27 ga  30 ga  34 ga
    Color Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.32.19 PM

window screen

















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17X15mesh 2.5'X50' BLACK, 17X15 Mesh 3'X500' BLACK, 17X15mesh 3'X50' BLACK, 17X15mesh 3'X100' CHARCOAL, 17X15mesh 3'X500' CHARCOAL, 20mesh 6'X200' BLACK, 20mesh 6'X200' PP+PE Grey


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