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Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Chain Link Fence

12GAX2″ 5’X50′ ø2.5mmX50mm,1.52m X15.3m CA$91.00
9GAX2″ 7’x50′ CA$213.50
9GAX2″, 5’x33′ (1.5x10m) CA$100.65











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Chain link fence, also known as diamond-shaped net, hook wire mesh, net live, stainless steel chain link fence, galvanized chain link fence, plastic chain link fence, plastic fence.

chain link fencing is one of the most widely used fence systems today.

Material: High-quality low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, PVC coated wire

Shape of Hole: standard diamond

Character: Crocheted braid simple, beautiful and practical

The standard chain link fence specification:

Mesh Opening of Chain Link Fabric Wire Gauge (BWG) Fence Weight (kg/m2)
1/2″ 14 4.4
3/4″ 12 6.0
3/4″ 14 3.3
3/4″ 16 1.9
1″ 12 4.0
1″ 14 2.4
1″ 16 1.4
5/4″ 12 3.2
5/4″ 14 1.92
3/2″ 10 4.0
3/2″ 12 2.7
3/2″ 14 1.6
2″ 8 4.16
2″ 10 3.0
2″ 11 2.5
2″ 12 2.0

The producing of the chain link fence:

Chain Link Fence1  Chain Link Fence2


Widely used in highways, railways, highways and other fencing facilities. Also used for interior decoration, breeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences. Machinery and equipment protection network, machinery and equipment transport network. Sports venues fence, road green belt protective net.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 244 cm

12GAX2" 4'X50', 12GAX2" 5'X50', 11GAX2" 4'x50', 11GAX2" 5'x50', 9GAX2" 4'x50', 9GAX2" 5'x50', 9GAX2" 6'x50', 9GAX2" 7'x50', 9GAX2" 8'x50'



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