Galvanized Crimped Mesh Sheet


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High Quality Galvanized Crimped Mesh Sheet

10GA, 1″, 1mX2m, 3.28’*6.56′
10GA, 1″, 4’X8′
10GA, 1-7/8″ , 1mX2m

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Customization Option

with M.O.Q. and Lead Time Allowance

Form: Sheet

Materials: Galvanized

Crimp style options:



1. Crimped wire mesh are mainly used for filtering purpose in, for instance, mining and chemical extract and purifying industries.

2. Stainless steel crimped wire mesh could also be used in food service field as BBQ plates etc..

3. With special crimped styles or materials, the mesh can also be adapted for decoration purposes.

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10GA, 1", 1mX2m, 3.28'*6.56', 10GA, 1", 4'X8', 10GA, 1-7/8" , 1mX2m, 10GA, 1-7/8", 4'X8'


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