Galvanized Punched metal sheets

Galvanized punched metal sheets

Perforated Metal


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High Quality Plain Steel Perforated Metal

It is one of the most versatile and popular metal products on the market today. These can be either heavy and light in gauge, and it can have either small or large aesthetically appealing openings. This makes it suitable for many architectural metal and decorative metal uses. An economical choice for your project, it filters out solids, diffuses light, air and sound and has a high strength-to-weight ratio.
We carry perforated metal in a wide array of hole shapes, sizes, gauges and material types. The most common application includes screens, diffuses, guards, filters, vents and signage to name a few.

Hole shape: round.

Materials: Carbon steel.

Length: 4 feet x 10 feet


  • Construction – ceiling noise protection, stair treads, pipe guards, ventilation grilles.
  • Food & beverage – grain dryers, wine vats, fish farming, sorting machines, baking trays, etc.
  • Automotive – air filters, oil filters, silencer tubes, running boards, flooring, ventilation grids.
  • Chemical & energy – filters, water screens, gas purifiers, liquid gas burning tubes, mine cages, coal washing, etc.

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Additional information

Weight 26.40 kg
Dimensions 305 × 122 × 0.2 cm

Plain Steel 16GA, Dia 1/4", 4'x10', 16GA, Dia-1/4",4'x8'

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