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Galvanized Metal Lath / Diamond Lath


Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Diamond Metal Lath

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Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Diamond Metal Lath

Ribbed Lath 27″X8′ with 3/8″ rib
Diamond Lath 27″X8′
27″X8′ 2.5lb, G60

Vancouver Stock is Available for Prompt Delivery

Customization Options

with M.O.Q. and Lead Time Allowance

Expanded metal lath is easy to fix and provides a secure key for many plaster and render applications including joint and crack reinforcement and refurbishment work. Available in rib lath as a form that can be used as part of a fire protection system for structural steel work.


Perfect for contour plastering

Minimizes stress cracks

Can be used for wall, ceiling and floor

Customization Available with M.O.Q. and Lead Time.

Type Weight(lb/sq.yd.) Size sheet/bundle bundle/pallet
1.75 Lath 1.75 27″x96″ 10 50
2.5 Lath 2.50 27″x96″ 10 50
3.4 Lath 3.40 27″x96″ 10 50
Paper Lath 4.27 lb/sheet 28″x100″ 12 20

daimondlath    highriblath    paperlath

Additional information

Weight 1451.5 kg
Dimensions 244 × 69 × 0.2 cm

500 sheets Ribbed Lath 27"X8' with 3/8" rib, Diamond Lath PD1.25 27"X8', 500 sheets Diamond Lath PD2.5 27"X8'


Expanded metal lath is extensively used as a background to plaster in order to reinforce against cracks and it is especially useful at joints of dissimilar materials.



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