• Which mesh is ideal to prevent mice?

    Welded Mesh with opening of 1/4″ and wire thickness between 21GA and 25GA will work for mice.

  • Which product can be used as a grating door mat?

    Raised Expanded metal sheets are great for cleaning dirt, snow, and mud from shoes. Galvanized and aluminum sheets will work best as they are corrosion resistant and durable.

  • What is Gauge means and how to convert it to mm or inches?

    Gauge is a unit to measure the thickness of the wire or sheet. Here is the link to the gauge chart:

  • Which type of mesh will help to prevent rabbits and raccoons?

    Galvanized Welded mesh rolls 21GA and 23GA with 1/4″ opening can be used to get rid of rabbits and raccoons.

  • What kind of stainless-steel mesh will be suitable for Grilling and BBQ?

    Stainless steel Crimped mesh sheet can be used in cooking procedures. The size of sheets that we have in stock is 1feet x 3feet. You can find crimped sheets under woven mesh sheets.

  • Can you cut the Sheets and rolls in your warehouse?

    Unfortunately, we cannot cut the all sheets and rolls. Except some of the woven mesh rolls, Window Fiberglass and Copper woven mesh. Ask us which Stainless steel rolls can we cut.

  • What type of products can you customize?

    We can customize any kind of metal product with desired material and size.

    You can contact us for quote.

  • Is there any minimum order requirement for customization?

    It depends on the type of product that you want to customize. The better way to know about the minimum order is by contacting us.

  • Where can you ship the order?

    We can ship worldwide.

  • Which material is rust or corrosion resistant?

    Stainless steel, Galvanized, PVC or Color coated, Fiberglass, Aluminum and Copper are rust or corrosion resistant.

  • What kind of mesh can be used as a railing?

    Expanded Metal sheets or perforated sheets can be used as railing. These are strong and durable.

  • Is there any minimum quantity required for purchase?

    No, there is no minimum quantity required for purchase.

  • Do we offer Retail or Wholesale service?

    We offer both Retail and Wholesale service for our customers.

  • Can I reserve the product, If yes then for how long?

    Yes, You can reserve any product for maximum 2 weeks. After 2 weeks , the item will automatically be removed from reservation.

  • Is installation service available at Duke's?

    No, currently we do not provide any kind of installation services.

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