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Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh


Knitted mesh consists of metal wires knitted into a mesh structure. The knitting procedure, interlocking the loops, makes it flexible and bouncy.

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Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh

As the name implies, stainless steel knitted mesh is made from knitting wires in the loop. The wires are interlocked and make the mesh bouncy and gives smooth finish. Because of its small openings and loops, it can be often seen in chemical and filtration industries.

At Duke’s wire mesh, we are offering great quality knitted mesh at reasonable price. We have knitted mesh rolls which are flexible for any use.

Stainless Steel


  • Commonly used in filtration process in chemical and food industries.
  • Mist eliminator or Demister Pads: These are used to separate the water vapors from the smoke or gases produced due to boiling/ heating process. Mist can contain chemicals or other impurities which can be harmful from the environment. Demister pads are made up of several layers of knitted mesh. Knitted mesh catches the liquid vapors and let the gas passes through, then liquid particles build to heavy droplets and drop downwards.
  • It can be used as a Insulation Blanket.
  • Knitted mesh gloves are used as safety gloves which prevents the cutting hazards

Woven Mesh sheets is also used in filtration process in households and industries.

We can customize any kind of knitted mesh product. Contact us to get a quote.

Additional information

Weight 4.78 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 10 cm

1.9" X 3stream, 2.4" X 3stream, 3.9" X 9stream


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