Galvanized Expanded Metal


Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Expanded Metal



Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Expanded Metal

Material: Galvanized Steel
Shape of hole: standard diamond
Styles: Raised and Flattened

Galvanized Expanded Metal FLAT. 4’x8′
RAISED. 5’X10.5′

With the characters of the solid hole, long life, wear-resisting, and artistic and generous, the expanded mesh has a wide range of use.

Vancouver Stock is Available for Prompt Delivery

Customization Options

with M.O.Q. and Lead Time Allowance

Standard Specifications:

Dukes Expanded Metal R

Dukes Expanded Metal F

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

3/4-#9 FLAT 4'x8', 3/4-#9 RAISED 5'X10.5'



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