Galvanized Welded Mesh Roll


Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Welded Mesh Roll



Vancouver Stock

High Quality Galvanized Welded Mesh Roll

17GA, ½”, 40”X100’
19GA, ½”, 4’X50’
19GA, ½”, 4’X25’
19GA, ½”, 8”X100’
19GA, 1”, 3’X60’
19GA, 1”, 4’X60’
21GA, ¼”, 4’X50’
23GA, ¼”, 4’X50’
25GA, ¼”, 4’X25’
25GA, ¼”, 4’X50’
25GA, ½”, 4’X25’
17GA, 2”X2”, 4’X112’
17GA, 2”X2”, 4.5’X100’

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Galvanized Welded Mesh Roll


Economical multi-use welded fencing is suitable for a variety of farm and home applications. Common uses include pet enclosures, fences, tree guards, cages, shade panels, and machine and window guards.  The wire can be easily cut, bent and fabricated to meet exacting needs.

Material: Available in plain steel, stainless steel, powder coated, class 1 / class 3 galvanized.

Size: Utility wire mesh heights range from 8” to 72” with several different openings available. Special mesh sizes can be customized.

Packaging: Rolls or sheets.

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17GA, 1/2", 4'X43', 19GA, 1/2", 4'X50', 19GA, 1/2", 4'X25', 19GA, 1/2", 8"X100', 19GA, 1", 3'X60', 19GA, 1", 4'X60', 21GA, 1/4", 4'X50', 23GA, 1/4", 4'X50', 25GA, 1/4", 4'X25', 25GA, 1/4", 4'X50', 25GA, 1/2", 4'X25', 17GA, 2"X2", 4'X112', 17GA, 2"X2", 4.5'X100', 12.5GA, 2”X4”, 4’X50’, 12.5GA, 2”X4”, 5’X50’



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