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Stainless steel knitted mesh

Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh


Stainless Steel Crimped Mesh Roll

Stainless Steel Crimped Mesh Roll

Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Sheets


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Stainless Steel Woven Mesh sheets

High Quality Stainless Steel Mesh with a wide selection of mesh sizes
Material: Stainless Steel 316
Application: filtration, decoration
Mesh: 2 to 500
Dimension: 12″*36″, 1’*1′,  6″*6″

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 91.5 × 0.2 cm

2meshX16GA 12"X36" Crimped, 2meshX16GA 1'X1' Crimped, 4meshX19GA 1'X1', 8meshX23GA 1'X1', 10meshX24GA 1'X1', 12meshX26GA 1'X1', 20meshX31GA 1'X1', 24meshX28GA 1'X1', 30meshX30GA 1'X1', 40meshX33GA 1'X1', 60meshX37GA 1'X1', 80meshX0.14mm 1'X1', 80meshX0.13mm Twill 1'X1', 100meshX0.12mm Twill 1'X1', 100meshX0.10mm 1'X1', 120meshX0.09mm 1'X1', 150meshX0.07mm 1'X1', 200meshX0.05mm 1'X1', 250meshX0.04mm 1'X1', 325meshX0.035mm 1'X1', 400meshX0.03mm 1'X1', 500meshX0.025mm 1'X1', 4meshX19GA 6"X6", 8meshX23GA 6"X6", 10meshX24GA 6"X6", 12meshX26GA 6"X6", 20meshX31GA 6"X6", 24meshX28GA 6"X6", 30meshX30GA 6"X6", 40meshX33GA 6"X6", 60meshX37GA 6"X6", 80meshX0.14mm 6"X6", 80meshX0.13mm Twill 6"X6", 100meshX0.12mm Twill 6"X6", 100meshX0.10mm 6"X6", 120meshX0.09mm 6"X6", 150meshX0.07mm 6"X6", 200meshX0.05mm 6"X6", 250meshX0.04mm 6"X6", 325meshX0.035mm 6"X6", 400meshX0.03mm 6"X6", 500meshX0.025mm 6"X6"


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