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Stainless Steel Color Metal Sheets


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Stainless Steel Color Metal Sheets

Duke’s Wire Mesh provides the decorative color metal sheets in variety of colors and patterns. Stainless Steel 201 decorative sheets have variety of uses in industrial and architectural industry .These are commonly use in interior decoration. Due to its durability, forever shiny surface and rust-resistant quality, it has less maintenance cost. In addition, it is great for outdoor use.

Here is the list of available colors and designs:

  • Rose Gold.
  • Titanium.
  • Black Titanium.
  • Mirror
  • Brushed Rose Gold.
  • Linear Brushed.
  • Brushed Black Titanium.
  • Wood Grain Transfer.
  • Random Pattern Black.

Available sizes:

  • 4ft x 8ft
  • 4ft x 10ft

Available Gauge / Sheet Thickness:

  • 19 Gauge
  • 25 Gauge

Stainless Steel Grade: Stainless Steel 201


  • Doors and windows.
  • Kitchen designing.
  • Elevators.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Screen walls.
  • Wall Cladding.

Check out our Stainless Steel Mesh.

Customization Options:

We can customize any color, design and pattern on any kind of material. Here are few examples of the customization options:

color sheets

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 122 × 244 × 2 cm

25GAX4'X8';Mirror Rose gold, 25GAX4'X8', Mirror Gold, 25GAX4'X8',Mirror Black, 25GAX4'X8',Mirror Silver, 25GAX4'X8', Linear Gold, 25GAX4'X8', Linear Silver, 25GAX4'X8', Linear Black, 25GAX4'X8', Wood, 25GAX4'X10', Antique Brass Matte, 19GAX4'X8', Mirror rose Gold, 19GAX4'X8',Mirror Gold, 19GAX4'X8', Mirror Black, 19GAX4'X8'; Mirror Silver, 19GAX4'X8', Linear Gold, 19GAX4'X8', Linear Silver, 19GAX4'X8', Linear Black, 19GAX4'X8', Wood, 19GAX4'X10', Antique Brass Matte


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